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Final Installment for The Color Yellow.

This post contains information received through the technique of automatic writing. Automatic writing or psychography is writing which the writer states to be produced from a subconscious and/or spiritual source without conscious awareness of the content. When we talk about automatic writing, we are talking about channeling. We are allowing information to come through our hand from the other side or from our own higher self. Although there may be no way to prove whether or not automatic writing is real, you will come to your own conclusions. I have been asked not to divulge the identity of the person who received the messages contained in this manuscript. This person will hereinafter be called The Channeler; the spiritual entity shall be called The Spirit. We do not endorse nor dispute any of the information contained in this manuscript.  This is the final post of The Color Yellow (pages 28-36). Following the messages contained in this final post, The Spirit never returned. Will he ever return, who knows?  For pages 1-28 of this manuscript click on Archives and see below.


THE SPIRIT SPEAKS: Mothers no longer shine proud for their duties as they surrender to a material world which will never compare with instinct. The true vibrations from a mother to a child are the strongest force in your land. Without mothers, the dimension would never exist because when a split occurs, it can only exist as possibility and thus could not simply exist as a determined man without variables needed to find a perfect balance for that split.  A child, although an equal part of a whole, is like the energy after the bang that had to cool down to settle into matter and then join to make organisms etc. Children serve the same purpose and must go through periods of settling down energies into a split that can exist.  They did in fact enter the world from a portal via nuclear reactions within a sun and appeared as physical matter. Sometimes a child split simply can’t reach the right balance or has come in with such an imbalance that it abandons the body and returns back to the whole so it doesn’t disturb the balance unnecessarily. These are miscarriages and still births and early-infant deaths. The truth is that splits enter the cells of a mother’s womb the second it is fertilized. Fertilization is two vibrations harmonizing with each other to allow the split to enter what existed prior as a vibration in static state. Once harmony is created then the split can enter, but two people do not always create harmony together that will allow the energy in. These people will have difficulty procreating until they reach an individual balance with each other. Usually, though, you can feel harmony with another in the form of intense physical attraction with the opposite sex. 


Why does society feel broken for you now? Why are women dying younger each year? Why are they ashamed to be devoted mothers and feel inferior if they do not have a foot in the material world--fears of your dimension? To be a mother is the most important of jobs, but today you consider it less than a clerk’s position. Is it any wonder that children are imbalanced and have no direction? Only a mother can really raise a child because their harmonies are the same. They stay close together to keep the hum at that pitch as it settles into individuality after a few years. When the child is with strangers, the harmony short circuits and instead of feeling like it belongs, it feels lost and starts to form defensive postures because it doesn’t feel protected. This leads to children growing up violent at younger ages due to this lack of a mother. The father, sadly, isn’t all that important at this stage, or at least not any more important than any other influence in the child’s life. Adoptive parents and a child can reach a certain level of harmony after a while but never like a natural mother and their child.

A child needs that “hum” or harmonic vibration as its guide as it settles into the world of matter. Problems of imbalance start when the mother is absent. Although you think that women working are a giant step ahead, it is really a huge leap backwards as mothering is, in reality, the most important duty there is. It is more important than president, king, or pope but has been reduced through the fear of man to nothing more than a requirement.


Abortion is a terrible misunderstanding of life and the reason for your existence. It isn’t good or bad or right or wrong: there is no such thing. However, it is the extreme opposite of a consciousness of selflessness and that for the benefit of the whole energy. In a sense, it is predicting the unpredictable and through an extreme action trying to shape your future before ever taking a first small step. It is like standing frozen in your fears for eternity in the face of the harmonic vibration that is inside your split already and thus must be denied vehemently by you in order to justify removing it. Those who oppose abortion instinctually know that it works against the filtering of energy on your dimension, and in spite of their tactics, should be listened to for insight. The issue of abortion is an extreme state of mind in your dimension which was created solely for the reproduction of matter and life and the continuous harmony of the energy of the whole.  When the imbalance hits critical mass, society will begin a slow return to an emphasis on the child and mother bond that shapes a generation in the forward direction. However, I want to add that religion as a whole, even though it promotes the absence of abortions, is on the whole useless in its present forms.


A body is merely a vehicle for you to occupy and to provide energy with a perfect stage and cast from which to experience the dimension and move through that experience ahead toward another higher dimension and eventually to the whole. That is the simplest of reasons. A woman can covet hundreds of orphans and not affect the whole energy even a fraction as much had she nurtured a single child of her own.


Homosexuality is neither required or a giant societal problem. It has been around since the beginning but is, in its true form, a human condition born out of energies split solely as female for many incarnations and thus must reenter eventually identifying as male in order to achieve balance. This transition doesn’t always go smoothly, and the same happens with repeated male incarnations that then incarnate as females.

If you look closely at homosexuality, you will see that, in essence, what a split is doing is searching for male-like energy in order to gain balance from the other. You see this behavior even of young homosexuals who fall for male friends or relatives in search of the balance they inherently desire. As they grow and these advances refused by normal men, they are often forced into searching for male ENERGY IN THEIR OWN CLOSED SOCIETY OF OTHER HOMOSEXUALS.  They end up with trying to feed off of each other to find the nonexistent supply of true male energy of the physical. This leads to an imbalance of these societies marked by heightened instability in general and lack of balance. There is no moral component to it, simply a lack of balance.  The only way for these splits to find balance is from a world where these opportunities, by the very nature of their incarnations, are not interested in them as they are moving in their own unique direction seeking to find balance. Homosexuals move about in a frenzied search to find that energy from new partners over and over as they come up short in their quest.

Is this to say that there is no balance for such splits available? The answer is the opposite. There is always the opportunity for balance, or you wouldn’t exist. The balance is when homosexuals are forced or choose to stop looking to another for balance, as is true for all, and to, through experiencing your dimension, move toward the idea of a whole consciousness and find the balance of matter as they move ahead to that goal. Homosexuals are no more caught in endless distractions than every other society in your dimension.

However, there will be natural attempts to break any errant cycle of a society in order to nudge them onto the right path. So if you can view this with an opened mind, you can see diseases such as AIDS not as a punishment but as a push out of a fruitless search and into a fruitful one that has the added velocity to steer some towards the true nature expressed in compassion and forgiveness of their fellows afflicted. This is a very simple explanation of that which is a more multifaceted and complicated area of disease and suffering as it is interpreted by you and as it pertains to various groups of people.

Disease has a variety of purpose in your dimension and serves a real purpose as to balance. Have you ever heard a person say that having a serious ailment gave them an awakening? Or that it gave them a renewed awareness about what is important? This is the result of balance being found by those nudged onto the path by disease. Consequently, there are formidable barriers created over time by society that are balanced through disease where you, as with homosexuals, express a new-found appreciation for the compassion and nurturing that they possess in abundance but really manifesting as a result of a disease that pushed them in that direction. It is only through the looking glass of death as a punishment does it take on sinister implications. To some it is time to return to the whole, for others it is multifaceted, and still for others it is an accelerated end to this incarnation that succumbs to obstacles that for whatever reason have created an environment that most probably will not be overcome currently. These are just a few of the purposes that illness serves.  For most, illness is a grand opportunity to grow and follow a lighted path on the way to the ultimate goal of advancing off of your plane higher into grander-still dimensions.


Families from past split times tend to reenter together when they leave prior times very close--or with unfinished issues. This isn’t a useless thing to do, as it all lends itself to the purification of consciousness of the whole, but then they usually go apart and pair up with unfamiliar splits to form families and thus engage with new forms of consciousness thus, together, creating vehicles for new energy to come through. Genetics plays a role only as it pertains to matter, and matter does carry with it characteristics of its parent parts. Laws of nature are very real and needed to exist so that the world could form life that instinctually moved toward developing all forms of life on its own. These instincts are very strong as matter must act independently--as a car, if you will--that is driven by energy but survives via its own consciousness. Your energy certainly influences matter, as we have discussed, but there is a natural tendency of matter to survive any way it can. You may wonder why matter, or man, wasn’t just created as we are now in order to not waste precious years forming from simple organisms. This is again judged from your point of reference where you deem yourself the ultimate goal. Everything that has ever existed in your dimension is equally important and has served the most important of purposes from the very beginning. You had to experience the most basic of moments after this dimension was created in order to even know how to experience matter. Every cell in your body is brilliant and knows everything in the universe. Each tiny bug also is a genius by your standards. If you look around you, there is a massive symphony of perfection operating to keep this dimension running in order for your split energy to exist and function and learn for the benefit of every single atom in the universe and beyond.  Reality is that you are no smarter and no greater than a common mushroom. It grows and reproduces just as you do. It knows which environments are friendly, develops defenses to survive and has many different splits of its own. A mushroom is a fantastic mathematic wonder on every level, and if you could unlock its secrets today, you would know wonders greater than any of man’s inventions to date.

But still, we do have instinct for survival, and you have fought to label and change these instincts to suit what is only an attempt to avoid the raising of your vibration. Have you ever felt a nagging memory that you couldn’t just put a finger on? A feeling from long ago without face of body but pure feeling of thought? These are moments of remembering that try to come through, but many times you resist them and call them unwanted conditions and subdue them with medicine.  You have convinced yourselves that you should never feel uneasy or anxious, and if you do, then you are defective. The dimension is all here for you to experience the parts of the whole and to freely move toward the next levels.  You must always know that this dimension is about knowing perspective. It is to know that you are by knowing a here and there. You know happy from sad and bravery from fear. You know hate from love and joy from grief. When you eliminate any one of these things, then the other you will not know. A person who is prevented from expressing hate will not ever accept love or express it. Wearing a chemical smile will always be no more than a mask. Feeling is not a defect.


So you and your twin energy want to know about your family that has come here with you and returned back in this life. I will visit this briefly as there is much that you are not able to understand. Your grandmother was a soul who was, by comparison, an advanced energy who had found the true direction in this life and found herself quickly moved forward to a place that was difficult for her to exist in. For her, this was because she had given up a significant part of her own energy to bring you and the twin into this world with your refusal to split. The only way for you to stay here and exist with this imbalance, created by the refusal to fully split, was for her, as a mother no less, to give her energy to you to balance you out as she knew that you would be here to be a conduit in your future.  Now, by making this sacrifice, she launched herself ahead in a world that wasn’t hospitable to this balance, brought on so quickly by such a bold sacrifice, and she weakened from that point on until her body gave out. You see the sudden influx of energy and vibration rise in the period of stigmata she experienced toward the end of her life. She was originally the one who agreed to be the receiver of this information, but the time wasn’t right for it then and so it passed to you. She was really too balanced for this task and instinctually knew that she could not do it.

Your grandmother had not had other incarnations with you as family before this one. In fact, she had been a leper prior to this life and had died what was a critical death. In that life she had volunteered to take care of a sick colony of people and became sick herself. This energy, as intense as it was, followed her into this life where the imbalance it originally brought with it was quickly balanced enough to allow her to assimilate, but she could never let go of the need to take on the burden of many others and physically she died young.

Why were you so close to her??? Because of the aforementioned maternal harmonic vibrations that remained so fine-tuned from her to your mother, who is actually more a twin to you, and thus you both shared that same need to continue to feel that harmony until her death. In many ways, it infused what is, and has been for many reasons, an imbalanced system with balance in order for survival. After she died, you will remember that your twin energies veered off uncharacteristically in many odd directions due to the sudden lack of this harmony which was not replaceable from mother to son, as it usually is, because you are not so much mother and son as stubborn twins. In fact, you are the only two in the family with a history of past incarnations, all past incarnations, amongst a group who do share a past history with the exception of the two of you. Your grandmother was a volunteer to bring you into this dimension as an unbalanced conduit due to her heightened energy, which naturally led to other children, but her main purpose was to balance out the imbalance required to receive sudden influx of balanced energy. The rest of your family has a varied and long history that doesn’t really include you, and I therefore will not relate the reasons for their early passing and experience as they have virtually nothing to do with you two. That is all I am going to relate on this topic of past incarnations for now.


As I have told you, your dimension is unique and has developed in ways that were possible and at the same time unexpected. It is the wonder of your world put forth as the ultimate filter of what was only known when it finally was. However, it is temporary and will one day be replaced by another whose existence will be unique in its own and the reality of which will only be known when you experience it. Mothers, fathers, children, rocks, and wealth only exist here in your dimension. Language and emotions will be gone forever as well. You only understand your world because you are experiencing it at the present. When you leave the material body, you don’t wake up in another dimension as the person you are now but as an energy who has occupied many forms. You don’t even wake up at the same split of energy, but the entirety of energy with possible consciousness that will be split differently in times ahead. You are not an individual but the whole. When you help a despised man, you are helping yourself. When you save a tiny beetle, you are saving yourself. If you want to be the greatest you can be, then you give up everything you have for the benefit of everything else without fear of such separation. But the world of matter only allows you to experience and learn via matter interaction through actions.


When this incarnation ends for you, and you sit in review before reentering the whole, you will see your life from pure perspective and many will be shocked when confronted with their choices that will seem so obvious to you. Property, wealth, beauty and such qualities of a material world will be realized as worthless insomuch as they exist, and the real value will be seen in how your reactions shaped your path toward the whole. A wealthy man will feel that he no more than sat in fear in a thickly-walled cave guarding a pile of rocks from his fellow.  Had he given these rocks freely back to Earth for its completeness and the experience of all other energies, he would have, in that moment of review, experienced riches beyond what is imaginable in your dimension.

(February 27, 2009 – 10 days following death of my Yuki who I had to have put down due to advanced cancer. Yuki appeared to my friend, Tammy, while I was sleeping on the sofa in my living room. Tammy assumed it was my other dog, Yahtsi (Yuki’s niece), who was at my mother’s house.  I had been very depressed since Yuki’s passing. I had stayed with Yuki and held her as she took her last breath looking up to me.)


Was it wisdom or simply rain that day when your little one came back to you?  You never doubted that it happened, as you found yourself perfectly and beautifully balanced at that moment. It is the only way to see that place—to be there, vibrations exact and born out of a real moment when all selfish things are truly gone. In the still of the night you could feel it--what it means to step aside in lieu of another that you so deeply loved.  Humans rarely reach for those times, having long ago forgotten them possible, but when it happens, your whole being is shocked into and out of a place that you lived permanently in other lives. You felt sore and tired and beautifully and perfectly sad for a loss that you suffer so she didn’t. 

How does a person get to the place where everything is balanced and time has no place and the mind sees everything forever?   Why do so few get there? It’s because--as you have rediscovered—it’s hard. It is the hardest thing for a human to do, but it is exactly why you are here. You must walk through every fear and every unknown—through self images and lack of respect. You must feel every high and every low and know them for their futility and for their glory, but you and only you must know them, and it isn’t found or confronted through talk or in numbers--but only in the moments when no one is looking at you.

You still cry for her, your little beautiful girl—the loss ripped out the place where love lives for you, and now you walk around in grief almost always because it’s the only thing holding back the tears. You can pretend to everyone else, but it’s there. You hurt inside because you’re empty, and only when she came to you did it ever feel okay. You long for that moment like a drug because in your helping her to cross you found perfection, and then it escaped, and you hurt. 

She was a soul who knew you a long time—a guardian come down to spare your life and see you to this place. They all were. You were not here to protect them but the opposite—they were here to watch over you. They are angels, your angels, manifested here to protect in a form they struggle to keep as this is not where they are made to reside. They sicken quickly for that reason and go quickly. The Shar-Pei are special ones. Not really dogs at all but incarnations of deities all marked by the purple tongues throughout your history.   The final two are here simply to be a connection to the others to use if needed but are very young entities in their first few incarnations before the human stages.

Would it surprise you to know that she went against all balance when she came back as she was deep into grief like you, only even more unfamiliar with human emotions like you know them. She was a very different sort, as you knew, because she had never been on your plane before this time. But when she passed, she felt it sharply and with what you might call worry she went back and stayed with you and sat with you when you slept, and you could smell her in the room and once heard her crying also.  She still is sad even over here, sad to be gone and sad in your grief.  This wasn’t expected as usually this sort of crossover doesn’t occur readily.  The End

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Posted Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This post contains information received through the technique of automatic writing. Automatic writing or psychography is writing which the writer states to be produced from a subconscious and/or spiritual source without conscious awareness of the content. When we talk about automatic writing, we are talking about channeling. We are allowing information to come through our hand from the other side or from our own higher self. Although there may be no way to prove whether or not automatic writing is real, you will come to your own conclusions. I have been asked not to divulge the identity of the person who received the messages contained in this manuscript. This person will hereinafter be called The Channeler; the spiritual entity shall be called The Spirit. We do not endorse nor dispute any of the information contained in this manuscript. The following are pages 20 through 29 of the 35-page manuscript. For pages 1-12 read previous postings below or click on Archives. (final post in one week)


THE SPIRIT SPEAKS TO THE CHANNELER: You spend an inordinate amount of time and energy following teachers who have formed a plan for what you call enlightenment but would better be called filtering in its reality. Instructions are contrary to the purpose and do nothing for the real goal of understanding. You cannot force a person to express real emotion which, by the way, is the only state in which true realization and consciousness awareness happens. Try to force a person to love another: impossible. Try and force hate or despair: you cannot. A split will, through their awareness, experience these states of emotion, and when they do, will be changed fundamentally.  Others can be influences on these moments but not the arbiters of it. These realizations happen alone within the split energy. The moment split energy turns to another for instruction on so-called enlightenment, then that split has anchored itself in the material existence of this dimension and turned away from the inherent knowledge of the whole consciousness and placed a singular energy higher than the collective whole.


Now I must say that others in your dimension can receive information from each other that can influence consciousness, but it is more like giving food to a hungry man instead of teaching him a new method of chewing in the hopes that this will quell his hunger. The food is for him to eat how he wishes. He can gorge and eat it at once, or he can divide the food in order to stave off hunger for longer periods. If given an ear of corn, can he not eat half and dry the other half in order to grow many new stalks for his future and turn the one ear of corn into the food for thousands and thus influence the well-being of an entire population? Yes, he can do with the corn what he wishes and it will influence many in different ways. However, if you try and teach a man how to make bread from the corn before he realizes how to grow it, then you end up with the tiniest loaf of bread because he has followed your path.


This is the simple difference between forced knowledge and true information. The mind wants to remember its true origin and, via truth, it will head in that direction, but surrounded by fallacy and tales created by man, he will almost certainly get lost on a side road that will take him to numerous dead ends. Why do so many of your people end up at the end of life feeling regrets and saying “if I could do it over.” This is because many follow what they feel is the least path of resistance or the most accepted way of life deemed by society as allowable. Many never follow their wants and the pull of their inner voices in fear of existing as an individual. Existing as an individual is the whole reason you are where you are right now in your dimension! You must exist as an individual or you wouldn’t have experienced splitting in the first place. To merely follow the masses is to deny any opportunity to fulfill your purpose. However, you constantly look outward for direction, for heroes, for leaders, for kings, for God’s messengers, for love, for guidance, for information.  And still you feel that sometime in life you wished you had followed your intuition more often. This is because the answers you seek are only found within yourself. This is why your entire dimension with grand planets and evolution and balance and black holes exists. It exists for one purpose only, and that is for the individual to find within itself the path back to the whole, and it can only be found through true awareness expressed by moments of real mind emotion born out of self contemplation in the face of endless obstacles for the brief moment you experience as your life.


There is no difference in separate splits of energy. They are all but a piece of a perfect entire whole and so to place others on pedestals is to crush a large rock and randomly pick up a resulting pebble to crown king.  Further, then you are so convinced of the greatness of this random rock that you gather all of the other pieces to follow the kings teachings on how to become a whole rock again as though he could do it without every other little pebble or speck of dust. It will never be a whole rock again without each tiny part coming together in the only truth there is. They are only a rock when they all agree on the idea that by coming to the realization of a whole from their perspective can they ever create the original rock. Without a speck of dust, it is still not the rock no matter how loudly the king expounds on his role as the necessary component. All parts are equal.


No one can ask about the words that you are reading right now. Isn’t this instruction? No, it is simply information to digest and do with what you will. Compare it to tossing a ball in front of your dog. You merely throw the ball without any indication to the dog of what you want him to do. You may have hopes as to his reaction or you may not care either way. The point is that the dog is free to do many things. He can follow the instinct to chase the ball. He can ignore it and go to sleep. He can look at you with suspicion and decide in fear to not chase it. He can use his prior experiences with ball chasing to dictate his reaction. He can fetch the ball in order to participate with you and interact. He can bring it back to you and then, as you say, “The ball is in your court.” You are now the dog with the freedom to do various actions in response. This is interaction based on information while, all the while, maintaining individuality through hope, anticipation, and suggestion, but only if you beat the dog into fetching do you cross the line of forcing another to follow your instruction on what you deem is interaction and life.  You will have then created importance based on fear, and thus ended any real freedom of thought, or any change in either of you based on following a pure path based on nurturing direction and change based on mutual equality and thus effecting fundamental change through emotions that are born out of respect of another’s equality.


It requires a massive effort of swimming against the current for a society, in your case an entire planet, to fight towards a place of rulers and wealthy and envy and greed, a place where all natural laws are overcome in order to create an environment governed by these false fear-incited characteristics. Your dimension has had to band together in your world in order to affect a society where these rules are accepted as the correct inclinations of man and to watch as they tear the dimension apart from where it naturally exists.  Here is what I indicate as imbalance and why your world is starting to react in ways to restore the balance it naturally requires to exist in your dimension. Global warming, pollution, stripping, is all merely the end result of consciousness that is now focused on as the problem. You can not affect change until the consciousness achieves balance, and then the balance is corrected. When man kills another with a gun, do you throw the bullet in jail? Of course not. To try and fix the dimension out of fear, but never changing the awareness or consciousness, will never work. You cannot fool the vibration of balance no matter how hard you try. It won’t work.


Depression is a self-fulfilling prophecy. People don’t miraculously become errantly depressed. It is not the result of some new conditions surrounding life that create undue stress in reaction to situations or pressures.  Everything is relative. It is relative to a person’s reality regardless of how it may compare to the one looking upon said conditions thinking that they are so much less in intensity to theirs. Life, in of itself is relative. Relativity, like that of time and space, is the seed of perspective.

Emotions are not optional in the path of existence in your dimension. They are the true substance on higher levels.  HOWEVER, TODAY IN YOUR TIME, PEOPLE ARE RELUCTANT TO EXPRESS EMOTION ON A VARIETY OF LEVELS, AND EVEN THOSE WHO ARE KNOWN FOR IT REALLY HAVE REHEARSED A MUCH MORE PALATABLE VERSION THAN THEY DOLE OUT TO OTHERS TO SOUND CONVINCING BEHIND A FALSE CURTAIN.  You use the word love to justify fear and insecurity, hoping it is heard as a believable excuse for what you feel. Hate masks envy and shame and the lack of acknowledging the same as conclusion. You don’t even have to try anymore as these emotions have been redefined for you for generations and have changed the emotional language completely where truth lies as a separate myth whose only gifts have been the similarity off spelling.

Depression is a result of the lack of ability or path for the split to express emotion as something natural but with fear of being defective or having it put them in a box of a mental misfit.  You fear feeling sad or unsettled and assume that this is an errant condition requiring fixing by society and, even more familiar, a medicine given to you to stave off emotion. These medications used to combat emotions in your dimension have stopped many in their tracks thus wiping out such emotions and therefore labeling them cured. The lack of interaction with your own self is not equivalent to satisfaction but only the closing of the emotional eyes to the required emotions that will guide you to higher levels of consciousness instead of a lead-weighted sideways trudge.  These are not limited to feeling low but to anxiety and pain and various physical expressions of the mind.


So you ask why you in your land have such an increase in various conditions that were unfamiliar in prior times. Countries, as you refer to lands, can be graded in their onset of such higher levels of physical ailments as the reliance for such medicine rises. This is to say that the expression of emotions by the body increase as these expressions by the mind is controlled. When a medicine prevents a person from feeling anxious, this emotion is simply filed inwardly by a drugged mind where it is still very real and intense. It surely doesn’t go away but works its way out through an expression of an ill body.  You will deal with it one way or another, and this law applies to various situations back and forth between the mind and body.

When a person has major surgery, that is a patch, so to say, for a condition that is necessary for the vibration growth of a split. Then what you see is that the patient very often goes through a visible mental condition labeled depression which again is silenced by medicine until you are left with the living dead walking around in emotional blind spots for eternity.  This is not to say that medicine is all counter-productive. There are situations that are addressed for the well-being of the whole, and in this motivation is a good thing by the perpetrators.  Nothing is black and white, however, and a definite explanation is not in existence. But, the man who has a liver transplant, rather that address his addictions to wine or moving toward understanding this condition as it exists as a condition or necessity, has just wasted years that could have been spent reaching for the skies. There is no way to trick the whole, and you will deal with these imperfections before being returned in full to the whole of consciousness.

What happened to split energies before these medical discoveries? Was suicide more prevalent then? No. They were forced to work through these emotions and address the underlying imperfections before going forward with the steady flow.

This is another symptom of the split energies, via technology, to be unnaturally connected and dependent on technological advance in your time. To silence the expression of true nature does not mean that it has been addressed. It is simply taken from your material view where it sits silently to you but, nonetheless, moving out in other forms that cannot so easily be silenced.  An example is the depressed or unstable, by your standards, being medicated only to have a heart attack later. The converse is also true. Man was born out of a perfect consciousness sprung forth from a perfect balance of energy and timing in order to claim this dimension where you now exist. The Earth has an inert balance that corrects itself with a consciousness that is everything in a whole consciousness. Do you really believe that you can fool it with a pill or destroy it by driving a car too often? This self importance is a fear-instilled perspective brought on by technological answers to mind-based questions.

So what should you do? Well, the answers are not mine to give--simply the information for you to do with what you will. It goes back to connecting with the whole consciousness in order to know the true goals and the true launching ports from which to advance your energy towards the whole. In essence, convincing a rich man to give all of his money to the poor can only be done when the rich man knows the true rewards of your dimension and with complete knowing sees this act as worth more than all of his gold in the path of his advance. To force him to do so without his complete agreement does nothing for him but possibly aligning him with addressing his fear as it pertains to coveting. There is a universal truth that cannot be negotiated, cloaked or fooled. The truth simply is and will always be. The obvious secret here is that you are born from this truth and carry the knowledge with you now but have chosen to forfeit the ability to connect with it, thus leaving you mired in a war between truth and non-truth that is waged completely within your body’s vibration border.

You have tried to explain this writing to yourself in many ways that would label it a condition of an ill mind but cannot. Why? Because you never would have been able to even receive this had you continued to medicate your emotional self in an attempt to silence these open portals of emotion. So in a sense there is your personal self-fulfilling prophecy. You are able to sit and receive because you are sitting and receiving.

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007


You find yourself going through the fears around attachment to others in your life. Life doesn’t guarantee soul mates in your dimension. Soul mates are a creation of man in the sense that they are a permanent physical answer to all of your feelings of being incomplete. This is a relatively new idea in your time which has a direct connection to your idea of marriages.

Remember that natural laws are the foundation for your dimension expressed as matter and energy splits.  These energies tend to want to pare back up to the whole but time has tempted you with short cuts to these goals. This is where the idea of permanent mates as governed by the laws of marriage comes from. What is marriage to your time? Marriage is a series of promises to each other to predict the unknown to insecure and self-doubting energies.  Humans are not meant to be monogamous, and the reason you exist is because the strongest of males found the most numbers of compatible females to create generations of the same that continued the cycle. This is nature and instinct.  Marriage is a legal solution to a fear of permanent individuality that on its surface looks that it is the answer. We find mates who emotionally have what we lack in various levels. The meek seek the strong and the shy the verbose. These initial attractions make man feel like he has found his place in a puzzle and settles in for the rest of their lives. But nothing is forever and fear of losing such an intoxicating influence in and of itself will increase the attachment to such a height that the pairing is systematically destroyed preemptively in many cases due to confirmation of such fears brought on by natural violations of these man-written vows.

In many relationships and marriages you must only look to the animal world, which humans are definitely a part of, to see what nature has instilled in your species as a part of the overall balance to insure continuation.  Take chimps, for example, and you find that fathers have a very limited role after the procreative act in the rearing of the baby. Also, the father that is the strongest of the males will insure a strong continuation of the line by impregnating numerous females without the other females seeking a barrister. The mothers are not merely objects either as the order of the continuation of the line falls into their hands. They gravitate towards the strong males also—the ones who have characteristics that they themselves do not have--to “complete” the balance of the offspring.  They don’t much care whether or not such a mate has a wandering eye or how much time he spends at home so long as he takes his job of siring seriously. Yes, jealousy erupts and pairings do continue in a societal way, but not out of fear being the number one issue to solve, but that of strong generic procreation.


Love is something different from physical attraction and is more about the individual, where lust, as it is sometimes called, is about the union and the harmony. Men and women naturally go towards others that they can harmonize with vibrationally.  Perfect unions for procreation, however, do not lead to successful monogamous unions because that is a modern idea created by man to insure that his bloodline would continue. In effect, marriage enslaved women to men who didn’t want to be uncertain about who carried their offspring.  In nature there are very, very few monogamous species outside of humans, and even humans only claim they are monogamous.  It is not normal for men and women to be exclusively together especially if there is no chance for harmony together. In the animal kingdom you must look at the most successful species in order to understand that the male and females pair up to produce and that is it. They do not have the need to quench insecurity by promising words in front of a holy man. Female chimps do not try and force their mates to be sensitive child-rearing chimps or to stay with them forever after they are impregnated. In fact, they do not even really want them around once they are conceived and turn to the other women of the group to interact with. When offspring are born, females are fiercely defensive of them, and this will include the fathers many times.  You have taken natural laws, and in order to satisfy unbalanced energies, have turned them on their sides.


Males have the role of protection, fathering offspring and establishing territory. Females take care of the offspring as well as attention to the minutiae of their society.  Females have an integral role that is every bit as important as that of the male, and neither is deemed unimportant in the entirety.

Humans in the last few centuries have been slowly moving towards a world society in which the male role, due to strength in the physical, has been deemed the pinnacle for everyone and even a judge of a society’s civilized progress. The importance of the role of a mother has been deemed, in general, to be lower in importance than that of males whereas all of society reacts similarly to race to the male role thus leaving the child without the required attention from the mothers as they try and climb this self- imposed ladder.

Women working is one of those strange topics that is becoming untouchable in your dimension as a way to give it a baseless credibility with society. Race differences and physical abnormalities also fall into this category. This not only leaves society with females feeling powerless and victimized as they discover no elation as they climb the ladder mentioned but also leaves males feeling stripped of their role and its importance. Anything that acts as a roadblock to such arguments is labeled chauvinistic, racist or mean. However, the important result is that you are left with a world where, having been stripped of the natural roles, the sexes no longer can effectively exist together due to a shattered mold rebuilt with tape and glue.

Don’t assume that any one of these examples is totally responsible for this dysfunction in a society as it cannot be solved with just the realization of one. It is a correction that, if preempted before such natural balances occur as in the past, it would be born out of a strong shift in consciousness that would find its power through several generations of movement in the corrective direction. In a society where a perceived imbalance is interpreted as males holding on to the top via force and mistreatment, half the population will spend their whole lives trying to snatch such power from each other to find the golden chalice which actually isn’t there when they open this proverbial door at the top. Is it an accident that men have thrived in their given roles? It is due to perfect balance in the physical.


As a result of this trend which began with marriages in your past, man and woman are now locked in an eternal power struggle that starts with virtually all pairings from the moment they meet. These power struggles grow a stranglehold on them infecting every aspect of their roles in this coupling.  When you diminish the role of a partner by minimizing the males work or the females caring for a child, you many times encounter violent reactions and don’t understand the venom behind them. To make this clearer, you need to know that in doing so you are really saying to them that the perfect order and balance that exists here, and has forever in the consciousness of the whole, is wrong and that you know better. You will be forever fighting an uphill battle against perfect order of the dimension.


Increase in violent crimes by males is, in large part, due to this imbalance in society.  Pushed further into the recess of their formal selves, men will act out their true nature in a way that society deems criminal, as involuntary expression of balance. Many crimes can easily be reduced to invasion of territory, need to procreate, coveting caused by fear for survival and the demolishing of artificial boundaries of the body by the use of wine and drugs. You deem crimes offenses against morality, but what society deems moral is at best set in mud. It changes with each year and has but errant ideals behind it.

If you want a puppy to stop biting, do you remove his teeth as soon as one appears?  No.  Also, you do not cleanse energy by forcing it onto one path. The puppy must be set straight by his mother when she tires of his behavior. She will snap back at the puppy, and quickly he learns. If not, he will end up snapping at a dangerous opponent one day, when he wanders off, who will not be as gentle as the mother and possibly injure or kill the adult dog. No permanent cleansing of these counterproductive behaviors will have taken place. This is the answer to the question of why. Why does God, the world, the consciousness then let man veer off so sharply without corrections? It is necessary for a world that evolves in body to be allowed to evolve in mind. Again, it goes to balance and as with a puppy, this evolution so required for a balance in the world starts with the first lessons learned from the mother. (Final post to follow on 2/15/12)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This post contains information received through the technique of automatic writing. Automatic writing or psychography is writing which the writer states to be produced from a subconscious and/or spiritual source without conscious awareness of the content. When we talk about automatic writing, we are talking about channeling. We are allowing information to come through our hand from the other side or from our own higher self. Although there may be no way to prove whether or not automatic writing is real, you will come to your own conclusions. I have been asked not to divulge the identity of the person who received the messages contained in this manuscript. This person will hereinafter be called The Channeler; the spiritual entity shall be called The Spirit. We do not endorse nor dispute any of the information contained in this manuscript. The following are pages 13 through 20 of the 35-page manuscript. For pages 1-12 read previous postings below or click on Archives.


THE SPIRIT SPEAKS: I want to mention here one fact that should be known as you discuss these writings with the person that you call mother in your plane. The two of you are an example of a split in energy that will not fully split. It is not a part of a larger group that refuses to split, but in fact a rogue pair that has done this over and over and accepts a more difficult existence in order to pool your energies in an attempt to exist on a heightened plain of consciousness but with that accepts a very dynamic and chaotic life marked by great highs and great lows. The positive is that the combination allows you to tackle situations as combined and yet stronger energy thus allowing you a heightened experience which in times of social collapse and low energy of minds has been nothing but a hindrance, but in times of relative forward movement it can be good if you keep the forward momentum and do not turn away from it in the middle. However, the two of you never interact deeply with other people and act as superior in what you think of as trivial. Your pair fosters insecurity on one level but has created an accepted system of immediate balance acting as independent energy as you advance. This means that your symbiosis allows you on the one hand to avoid stagnant connections to a group in order to advance as you have created a two-split system that is independent and subconsciously prevent the other from any real attachment with anyone else and thus are lacking in some experiences that are necessary. The balance appears as a higher-minded jester of sorts--strange in their ways but aware more than others. But you should be mindful of the intense sabotage you have for any other energies who try and approach the other’s arena. You have been doing this for ages and would have been stopped were it not for special circumstances that will be clear later that you have agreed to exchange for this continued dependency.

Channeling session #2, March, 2007


Welcome back. You want to know about war. You want to think that there is a deep reason for it to justify death and suffering. This is a false parameter from which to look at it as the reasons fall back into the original explanations I have given regarding the whole of the mind and the struggle to balance in your Earth dimension. Wars take place when the consciousness, programmed to achieve balance, drift critically away from the desired path of unity awareness and of identifying as the whole and not just individual splits. The more the splits drift toward the coveting of the material plane, the further away they are from achieving the whole consciousness by the desired thought. This does not, however, remove the inherent need to balance but only leaves them with the physical plane from which to accomplish this. So when the balance of the whole is tilted, the stronger of these energies will act in order to retain balance, or at its most confusing, try to preempt a possible imbalance by striking at other groups thus thinking that they are staving off a tilt but really adding to the perceived imbalance that is, in actuality, fear. You see this in your current time with the wars and conflicts waged in the East. There are not inherent past energy conflicts with these other groups and your society, but a grand mutation of what is referred to as religion on both sides. Imagine the precious tale of the dimension travelers in Egypt who used the pyramid structures as a gateway to home. As years passed, the Egyptian people held on to these ideas until they were changed into mere legends that served no purpose and, even more important, were not even based on the original purpose. Religion, when allowed to remain based only on stories and not the consciousness of the present, only remain as a powerless collection of stories that in effect hope to scare man into behaviors based on nothing more than a promise for results that never materialize. This is not unnoticed or ignored by returning energies who then, coming from prior groups who thus know of the fallacy of it and incarnated into other regions, bring with them the desire to eliminate these false beliefs. This happens both ways and crosses over all points of the planet to where you have a history of battles fought in the name of God and one people’s personal beliefs.

A religious belief cannot be realized when the original goals have been lost, and therefore the groups within it only operate out of fear and not the desire for balance. Historically, those setting out on the path of unity have been attacked due to the fears of those of other religions motivated by the knowledge that theirs is on shaky ground and that its strength then must be at the hands of force and not beliefs. Man knows inherently that his religion, for the most part when accepted entirely upon modern interpretations, is a weak force at best held together by the weakest of bonds that require protection by what you call war.

One needs only to look at Iraq to see this happening. Various religious splits strive to attempt balance in their world, but balance isn’t possible by this use of the physical. One can see that the most effective way of a false balance was the extreme fear enacted by former rulers of the area by their treatment of dissenting people. Now it may seem that a balance had occurred, but only in the most tenuous of ways. The inherent imbalance persists beneath the surface causing an even more material attachment as a way to believe in what is man-made by this modern interpretation. The far-reaching bastardization of Islam is the same as that of Christianity and various other religions, and even occurs within the broader classification with multiple splits in the father religion. On a clumsy scale, the whole of the process that is deemed the purposed in the beginning is now repeated on this plane in a poor mockery by the splits where they claim to know unity, attempt to balance for the goal of divine assimilation where they then die, find God and return in an imitation of the real process with goals that fight against, and not for, the true balance.

So why is this allowed? There isn’t such a thing as allowing or preventing. The reason for being on this dimension is to strengthen the energies to transcend these problematic impurities caused when the energies incarnated into a physical plane that required materialization in a dimension of matter governed by laws. This isn’t the only dimension that requires a unique form of energy, only one of many that exist simultaneously, and if these imperfections, as I call them, are not filtered out of the whole before moving ahead, then they risk sudden overlaps and “jumps” between dimensions that can serve only to interject energies powerful enough to disrupt this dimension on a level that causes a greater imbalance as we saw with Egypt and thus leading to the destruction of Atlantis over thousands of years because the natural order is to advance to higher levels of consciousness through realization. When a higher level appears as matter, however, the people will go to it as a magnet in order to take a “short cut,” if you will, and these energies can lead masses of split energies just by their vibrations. This has had great and catastrophic results as in the icons of your religious pasts and, consequently, by power-drunk men--war also.

Let me say that this doesn’t mean that all of these energies appeared suddenly to jump as most were actually incarnated in the standard way of birth but were still drawn here unnaturally by a rare but possible closeness in various levels of advance and overlap. This wasn’t true in the early stages of this dimension as entities did arrive here other ways as they fought to find vibratory systems friendly to their own and order was much less established. From these early stages and into experimental attempts by splits to find a path we created the tales of Satan and God where Satan only represented a way to illustrate these energies that influenced others by their mere presence and attempted to hijack this dimension for themselves against lesser splits who achieved an initial balance between their own energy and that of this dimension. The more advanced energies had to find their own place, but this being the first vibration that gelled in this dimension, it was a sort of stop-off for all, and the struggle for balance began almost immediately. You can still see this battle today against fundamental groups trying to instill their system onto others and the vehement disdain in creates in war against a people or leaders whose strength is abnormally powerful.


Now take your characters like Jesus, Buddha, etc. These are in fact higher energies that came here to influence the unity of the planet in order to create balance. We believe that they were sent by God himself, and they were insofar as anything that occurs is part of a whole, but to narrowly categorize it this way is to vastly limit the truth. Jesus came from a higher dimension but was left with only partial realization of the former self until his overwhelming suffering created an imbalance necessary to withstand the influx of higher awareness and vibration to continue to exist here. That is how it usually is with an entity that comes here having agreed to be a conduit to relay influence from their higher level. To take a healthy split and infuse it with such powerful energy out of nowhere would annihilate its form in this dimension and send it back to the whole. Even those who undergo the stresses of extreme imbalance in life before being such a conduit are not always able to survive such influx. You, for example, spent years struggling to create such an extreme imbalance in your energy that to now receive these writings affects you very little with the exception of discomfort around the believing.  You have effectively created an arena whereas you are pulled into other energies very weakly if at all, whereas others are pulled immediately into higher consciousness to obtain the status of deities and are very short-lived for this dimension. Some just fail at it completely but are well-advanced beyond your Earth and are struck with incompatible overlaps that create what you refer to as “Saints.”  Stigmata, prophets, psychics: all are symptoms of these situations whereas the greatest revered are in fact some sort of failure in their original goal and their piety nothing more than a reflection of the belief in wholeness that allowed them to proceed to higher levels in the first place.


The Bible is an Akashic record of all events and possibilities in your dimension. It was written originally as a dictate not so unlike this but with another purpose. It was to lead to Christianity as a way of balancing the dimension on a level where it would be yet another nudge in the right direction. The original manuscript can be deciphered to tell the past and present and futures of your particular dimension as well as that of countless other dimensions and possibilities. It is a changing document and can verify events much easier than it predicts. You have started using it as a verifying tool in the past 20 years, found so fascinating due to its confirmation of a fact that is something of a consciousness-expanding item which, in its truth, is beyond what a mind in your vibration can comprehend, and so the mind instinctually tries to “expand” in order to receive the energy required to understand it. This is impossible for you, but as you try, the mind will shed its blocks and thus absorb less-complicated realities that can sufficiently be absorbed by your energy on the limited level in which you now exist. So, the discovery pushes you ahead, almost blindly, in the hope that you continue forward movement in the stream of this current filtering process. With time, the original document has been degraded to an extent that it does not function for its original purpose but remains a document of its times with energy sufficient to cause positive changes in some who for reasons of personal imbalance can absorb the information in its real form and thus remain under the influence as though “born again.” These are splits whose lives have been unusually imbalanced as yours which allows you to absorb this writing. Many however, not being of sufficient imbalance, but who enter balanced, in energy only, and continue undisturbed back into the whole whether new or advanced, can’t sufficiently absorb the energy in their present state and thus follow the words as written in text and cause them to operate with the potential for imbalance and the necessity to convince others of their beliefs acting upon them the vague origin of purifying the whole energy. You can take from this the idea that the most dogmatic of believers are actually the least truly affected by the words. Many times these are actually advanced energies that are in the contradictory position of balanced energy that pushes them to the next level but doesn’t allow them to act as a true conduit of energy due to this balance. It is a final filtering of a complicated vibration, a final test, so to speak, for those close to moving on but stuck with stubborn impurities that are not easily removed.  This would be much easier except that the church itself, comprised of many people, acts like a self-magnet and draws these energies together again in mass due to their natural affinity for unity but reinforces  these stubborn beliefs through whole energy expressed in matter.  The solution to this is to, as many highly advanced energies do, is to retreat alone to isolation away from magnetic influence of other energies to find the straight path ahead through these leftover blocks—thus removing them prior to advancing to the next level. It is about increasing your vibration to a point that you naturally go into the next dimension like a change machine that filters coins by size—allowing only one specific portal for a specific sized coin. However, there are those who, like a quarter, exercise their ability to increase their vibrations sufficiently to fit into its slot even though it is not a quarter at all. It is simply the same size of the quarter and can trick itself into the slot for a brief time until it is rejected later on down the road. But once they see that dimension, they are reluctant to stay away from it and can end up living in total isolation devoting their entire life to this pursuit, away from other necessary interaction, and can prolong their stay in your world by years and years. This is not balance as required but more like envy in your world.  These so-called prophets are really no such thing as they must work very hard to relay these brief glimpses as any prolonged traverse is impossible because their already-higher level of vibration prohibits it.  It is usually those in the midst of earthly conflict that are true conduits.


Technology has historically been the largest obstacle to civilizations advancing and has wreaked havoc on the movement forward. Seen as a subconscious short-cut to divinity, technology will completely distract and overwhelm people into confusing technology with the original advancement that they came with.  Take other dimensional visitors such as those in Egypt. There are even higher levels that have dedicated themselves to technology and do manage to sometimes create man-made vehicles that can traverse the natural vibrations of the barriers for short periods where we are able to see them briefly as they appear and disappear from sight, fighting being sucked back as their vibrations are higher than in Egypt but low enough to accomplish this for a short time. Some dimensions are better at it than others, but none have or can perfect it because it conflicts too strongly with natural laws of order. In reality it is a rudimentary technology and is accomplished by a strong vibration beam of energy as pure energy and without the inherent struggle with Earth energy to behave as matter and energy at once when a human split looks at it. It must flick over to matter in order to be seen by your eye. Much of your energy in your dimension is caught between your vibration and that of its origin so that it can be a part of your world. It only exists as solid matter when you interact with it. Only eyes made up of empty space and vibrating atoms can see energy of the same. You need each other to exist in this realm of matter. Again this is useful only insofar as it pushes consciousness toward the whole instead of miring it in the material plane convincing the viewer that it is what is real.


The current emphasis by humans is to fix everything with a massive rush to technologically; fight a diseased body by attempting to wage war against your true nature there on your dimension. What I am saying is that by the current focus on science, there is an attempt to defend the material attachment to the physical by balancing a body and the Earth through science, thus defending the detachment from the whole origins of this dimension. The body and planet are diseased due to an utter addiction to what is material, and almost amnesia as to what the true path back to wholeness looks like.  A person dying from any number of physical ailments would be cured in a moment if struck with their true nature and thus lifted up their energy to not even the highest level but the level with which they came into the dimension with.  Yet man has even gone to the extent that their goal is to remain within this dimension forever, if possible, having turned off the instinct to rise to higher levels of dimensional vibrations.  All of the focus on eating properly and running around and around joining in health fads is a symptom of attachments to the physical which in fact are grown from fear which only exists in your dimension.

As the energy level you carry drops as a result of a fear of death, then the matter which makes up your body starts to deteriorate due to this lack thus balancing out the split by taking those who fear death closer to death to experience that place. It is what you call “facing fear” brought on by the natural path of balance.


Now, these visitors from other dimensions aim this beam of energy that vibrates at a level beyond our viewable world and ride it toward a mathematic tunnel that opens up here on Earth leaving a crop circle as a landmark so that they can go back home when they need to find the opening again.  This beam isn’t random and is extremely difficult to keep open and would be impossible to find randomly by such visitors who lose certain intuitive abilities once they are here.  Sometimes they become stuck and must wait for this tunnel to open up again at this exact spot. But this isn’t the only way to mark a gate opening.  This is why sometimes birds will die in mass and fall to the streets below in mass with no explanation as they are killed by the residual energies that are radiated by the tunnel.  Also, this explains many of the aircraft that disappear from the skies with no explanation as they either are sucked into the tunnels or the pilots killed by the energy, and the planes crash due to these deaths or malfunction.  Other land marks are used for travel from dimensions including large structures like pyramids, mountains, craters, lakes, etc.  The crops circles are relatively new landmarks by a specific dimension’s travelers. You will see it less and less due to human imitations of said markings and the tendency for crowds and much attention when they appear. Only since air travel has this been a problem. The line drawings of  South America are also markings and gateways made by travelers originally and then copied by humans until their use was discarded. This is the way that the crop markings will also take.  This has been happening for long before this plane had humans as you know them on it. You really are not what they are interested in. They appear here and all over your plane when they have successful results of their attempts, and Earth’s energy is stronger and unique in a limited way thus providing, for some, a more hospitable vibration to work with.

These random portals are the reason that you see some extinct civilizations built in the most inhospitable environments that quickly lead to the starvation of the populations after these crossovers are long gone. Humans have congregated around these gateways in the past as to them these were holy sites and no thought was given to food or water supply or resources available for survival. Since these crossovers were not able to stay very long, their time measured in just a few years on average. When they vanished, the civilizations continued around legends of god-like creators who came from the skies and created their people. These loyalties were and are stronger than their realities, and so the people eventually were starved out of these cities which today are found abandoned as though overnight. The Mayans history is of this nature. Your history has fantastically described their people as vanishing overnight. This is not the case although their populations relocated rather quickly due to the lack of resources available to them or the inhospitality of their lands at that time to growing plants and vegetables. Fruit was abundant to them, but as they were not close to the coasts, fish and food from the sea was nearly nonexistent.  Many of their belongings went with them, and their histories were carried by word of mouth in the form of legends and tales by those born far after the origin of their populations.


So you want to know about the future of your dimension. First, you must make the mental separation between the planet and the dimension. The two are different as the dimension extends far beyond the planet and influences a web of eight dimensional grid-spaces. An atom and, further, its components are of vast energies that remain constant in their system but are dispersed into multiple systems that create what you see as matter. Their energies actually jump dimensions, as stated earlier, existing in a middle ground where the crossover weakens the energy as it creates matter. From this energy of a body, much weakened by dimension, this energy bleeds back out in consciousness, yet again jumping another small dimension barrier into force of the unseen thought. The thoughts combine as in a single atom to create a powerful force in total mind consciousness of the dimension which, like the atom, again spreads out to create the dimension and back again until there are eight dimensions within the single vibratory dimension in which you exist. Now imagine this same system coalescing again with energy required to jump a hard dimension barrier to another permanent dimension with eight sub-dimensions that spreads out sideways infinitely, and together as one, to jump yet again up and continues doing this from each and every newly-created sideways and up-and-down dimensions until there is a continuous system of endless dimensions created by the thoughts of each and every atom within a single moment of this dimension.  Every law is unique to its single dimension. The speed of light is constant, for example, to everyone because it is born out of the collective observation of energies in one dimension.  However, it is not constant with tiny particles that appear to communicate with each other instantaneously. Nor does it apply to massive systems as a whole who views time differently. The speed of light is not at all constant in totality, but just as you view it. If a human were 144,000 miles tall then it wouldn’t make sense that such an entity couldn’t move faster that his own height when running at full speed. The speed of light is different to them from where they are looking from. The reason light is such an important variable is because it exists uniquely for each dimension as the splitting points between these levels of vibrations.

Let us return to the topic of what you call black holes.  As I told you, they were originally used to keep balance in the universe and to act like release valves for the energy, more accurately, matter in the dimension of your space universe.  Your suns are the main portals for incoming energy and matter and black holes the exit portals. In order for energy to become matter, as you know, it must cross a hard-dimension barrier no matter which direction it is going.  The crossing happens via intense reactions on the nuclear level and must enter at the constant light speed and leave at the same speed. This is an intense and powerful process that happens in an original transfer--as in the beginning of your dimension--and continues, and energy is released from burning suns as it converts energy to the essence of dimensional matter as black holes suck up imbalanced energy and matter, sending it back to the whole conscious energy as consciousness and recycles it back through the portal created by the suns. Now your scientists ask what exactly happens at these points when these changes actually occur. There is not yet an explanation which they could understand in their dimension’s minds which define all in terms of start and finish.


So, too, do your fellows ask the questions that continue to baffle throughout your time. What was in the beginning? What lay beyond the stars? In your frame of understanding, the answer is simply nothing. The origins of the whole are not able to be understood with these terms that try and define what is complete and unending. Your people only have references as it is related to matter. You needed to have these references to operate as matter with perspective on yourself. These parameters are unique to your sets of dimensions but false in their application to even your own world when taken to enclose questions within their boundaries.  Imagine explaining to a blind man what the color yellow is?  You could not, nor does he need to or be able to understand it at all. He has not had to recognize the color yellow for any reason and does not have the reference to even begin to form such a mind picture. A man must first understand what a color is and to have this basic reference; then you must have eyes. Without sight, then he does not even know, as you do, what sight is. The same is true for you in this world as it compares to another dimension. Your references to live here are not in addition to your life but because of them that you exist. For all life on your dimension these same laws of reference exist. So to try and explain to you the laws of another dimension or the whole of existence isn’t possible as you exist today. This is not to suggest that you lack the potential for this knowledge. You have all of this knowledge as you exist today but have lost the vibration energy that is required to access it due to the need to exist as matter.


However, you do bring it with you, but it is dispersed out to make matter and then enters the universe before eventually being recycled back into black holes which accelerate what is excess in the form of higher-dimensional sub-matter and accelerates it to near-light speed as it changes in vibration until it crosses the plane into the whole through the hole as you see it. It is believed that these holes are constant and unstoppable objects that continue to remain open for their lifetime. However, this is a false idea as black holes continuously turn on and off in active and dormant phases depending on the balance of the total energy in your dimension.  Now if you step back to look at a galaxy such as your own, you will find these holes opening and closing in phases thus dragging the Earth in a cycle that starts out from your sun on a defined path where it will eventually be sped up in vibration as it slowly circles the hole and eventually passes the energy, or consciousness, into the whole via the black hole in the center of your own galaxy.  Before this happens, the galaxy or dimension will experience a review period as it lifts to a higher plane of awareness the closer it gets to its end and then vanish into the crossover as pure consciousness. This process happens through what you see as your universe on infinite levels seen and unseen to you due to unique references of observation by these other energies existing outside of what is your concept of space and time.

The dark matter that you so desperately try to define within your parameters of reference is the existence in the other eight dimensions that are within your hard dimension barriers but exist at sub-dimension levels. It is there but because of its unique frames of reference; you can’t see it as you would like but also can’t deny its existence. It is matter and energy that has to be looked upon with similar eyes to actually “see” it like matter in your own unique dimension that exists when you look within familiar references.  But to you it is simply no more than the color yellow is to a blind man.

(To be continued.)

Future topics:  Enlightenment & Emotion; Following Your Own Path; The Reason for Being; All Things Created Equal; A Pure Path; Restoring the Balance; Mind-Body Connection; Relations & Marriage …. and many more …