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Final Installment for The Color Yellow.

This post contains information received through the technique of automatic writing. Automatic writing or psychography is writing which the writer states to be produced from a subconscious and/or spiritual source without conscious awareness of the content. When we talk about automatic writing, we are talking about channeling. We are allowing information to come through our hand from the other side or from our own higher self. Although there may be no way to prove whether or not automatic writing is real, you will come to your own conclusions. I have been asked not to divulge the identity of the person who received the messages contained in this manuscript. This person will hereinafter be called The Channeler; the spiritual entity shall be called The Spirit. We do not endorse nor dispute any of the information contained in this manuscript.  This is the final post of The Color Yellow (pages 28-36). Following the messages contained in this final post, The Spirit never returned. Will he ever return, who knows?  For pages 1-28 of this manuscript click on Archives and see below.


THE SPIRIT SPEAKS: Mothers no longer shine proud for their duties as they surrender to a material world which will never compare with instinct. The true vibrations from a mother to a child are the strongest force in your land. Without mothers, the dimension would never exist because when a split occurs, it can only exist as possibility and thus could not simply exist as a determined man without variables needed to find a perfect balance for that split.  A child, although an equal part of a whole, is like the energy after the bang that had to cool down to settle into matter and then join to make organisms etc. Children serve the same purpose and must go through periods of settling down energies into a split that can exist.  They did in fact enter the world from a portal via nuclear reactions within a sun and appeared as physical matter. Sometimes a child split simply can’t reach the right balance or has come in with such an imbalance that it abandons the body and returns back to the whole so it doesn’t disturb the balance unnecessarily. These are miscarriages and still births and early-infant deaths. The truth is that splits enter the cells of a mother’s womb the second it is fertilized. Fertilization is two vibrations harmonizing with each other to allow the split to enter what existed prior as a vibration in static state. Once harmony is created then the split can enter, but two people do not always create harmony together that will allow the energy in. These people will have difficulty procreating until they reach an individual balance with each other. Usually, though, you can feel harmony with another in the form of intense physical attraction with the opposite sex. 


Why does society feel broken for you now? Why are women dying younger each year? Why are they ashamed to be devoted mothers and feel inferior if they do not have a foot in the material world--fears of your dimension? To be a mother is the most important of jobs, but today you consider it less than a clerk’s position. Is it any wonder that children are imbalanced and have no direction? Only a mother can really raise a child because their harmonies are the same. They stay close together to keep the hum at that pitch as it settles into individuality after a few years. When the child is with strangers, the harmony short circuits and instead of feeling like it belongs, it feels lost and starts to form defensive postures because it doesn’t feel protected. This leads to children growing up violent at younger ages due to this lack of a mother. The father, sadly, isn’t all that important at this stage, or at least not any more important than any other influence in the child’s life. Adoptive parents and a child can reach a certain level of harmony after a while but never like a natural mother and their child.

A child needs that “hum” or harmonic vibration as its guide as it settles into the world of matter. Problems of imbalance start when the mother is absent. Although you think that women working are a giant step ahead, it is really a huge leap backwards as mothering is, in reality, the most important duty there is. It is more important than president, king, or pope but has been reduced through the fear of man to nothing more than a requirement.


Abortion is a terrible misunderstanding of life and the reason for your existence. It isn’t good or bad or right or wrong: there is no such thing. However, it is the extreme opposite of a consciousness of selflessness and that for the benefit of the whole energy. In a sense, it is predicting the unpredictable and through an extreme action trying to shape your future before ever taking a first small step. It is like standing frozen in your fears for eternity in the face of the harmonic vibration that is inside your split already and thus must be denied vehemently by you in order to justify removing it. Those who oppose abortion instinctually know that it works against the filtering of energy on your dimension, and in spite of their tactics, should be listened to for insight. The issue of abortion is an extreme state of mind in your dimension which was created solely for the reproduction of matter and life and the continuous harmony of the energy of the whole.  When the imbalance hits critical mass, society will begin a slow return to an emphasis on the child and mother bond that shapes a generation in the forward direction. However, I want to add that religion as a whole, even though it promotes the absence of abortions, is on the whole useless in its present forms.


A body is merely a vehicle for you to occupy and to provide energy with a perfect stage and cast from which to experience the dimension and move through that experience ahead toward another higher dimension and eventually to the whole. That is the simplest of reasons. A woman can covet hundreds of orphans and not affect the whole energy even a fraction as much had she nurtured a single child of her own.


Homosexuality is neither required or a giant societal problem. It has been around since the beginning but is, in its true form, a human condition born out of energies split solely as female for many incarnations and thus must reenter eventually identifying as male in order to achieve balance. This transition doesn’t always go smoothly, and the same happens with repeated male incarnations that then incarnate as females.

If you look closely at homosexuality, you will see that, in essence, what a split is doing is searching for male-like energy in order to gain balance from the other. You see this behavior even of young homosexuals who fall for male friends or relatives in search of the balance they inherently desire. As they grow and these advances refused by normal men, they are often forced into searching for male ENERGY IN THEIR OWN CLOSED SOCIETY OF OTHER HOMOSEXUALS.  They end up with trying to feed off of each other to find the nonexistent supply of true male energy of the physical. This leads to an imbalance of these societies marked by heightened instability in general and lack of balance. There is no moral component to it, simply a lack of balance.  The only way for these splits to find balance is from a world where these opportunities, by the very nature of their incarnations, are not interested in them as they are moving in their own unique direction seeking to find balance. Homosexuals move about in a frenzied search to find that energy from new partners over and over as they come up short in their quest.

Is this to say that there is no balance for such splits available? The answer is the opposite. There is always the opportunity for balance, or you wouldn’t exist. The balance is when homosexuals are forced or choose to stop looking to another for balance, as is true for all, and to, through experiencing your dimension, move toward the idea of a whole consciousness and find the balance of matter as they move ahead to that goal. Homosexuals are no more caught in endless distractions than every other society in your dimension.

However, there will be natural attempts to break any errant cycle of a society in order to nudge them onto the right path. So if you can view this with an opened mind, you can see diseases such as AIDS not as a punishment but as a push out of a fruitless search and into a fruitful one that has the added velocity to steer some towards the true nature expressed in compassion and forgiveness of their fellows afflicted. This is a very simple explanation of that which is a more multifaceted and complicated area of disease and suffering as it is interpreted by you and as it pertains to various groups of people.

Disease has a variety of purpose in your dimension and serves a real purpose as to balance. Have you ever heard a person say that having a serious ailment gave them an awakening? Or that it gave them a renewed awareness about what is important? This is the result of balance being found by those nudged onto the path by disease. Consequently, there are formidable barriers created over time by society that are balanced through disease where you, as with homosexuals, express a new-found appreciation for the compassion and nurturing that they possess in abundance but really manifesting as a result of a disease that pushed them in that direction. It is only through the looking glass of death as a punishment does it take on sinister implications. To some it is time to return to the whole, for others it is multifaceted, and still for others it is an accelerated end to this incarnation that succumbs to obstacles that for whatever reason have created an environment that most probably will not be overcome currently. These are just a few of the purposes that illness serves.  For most, illness is a grand opportunity to grow and follow a lighted path on the way to the ultimate goal of advancing off of your plane higher into grander-still dimensions.


Families from past split times tend to reenter together when they leave prior times very close--or with unfinished issues. This isn’t a useless thing to do, as it all lends itself to the purification of consciousness of the whole, but then they usually go apart and pair up with unfamiliar splits to form families and thus engage with new forms of consciousness thus, together, creating vehicles for new energy to come through. Genetics plays a role only as it pertains to matter, and matter does carry with it characteristics of its parent parts. Laws of nature are very real and needed to exist so that the world could form life that instinctually moved toward developing all forms of life on its own. These instincts are very strong as matter must act independently--as a car, if you will--that is driven by energy but survives via its own consciousness. Your energy certainly influences matter, as we have discussed, but there is a natural tendency of matter to survive any way it can. You may wonder why matter, or man, wasn’t just created as we are now in order to not waste precious years forming from simple organisms. This is again judged from your point of reference where you deem yourself the ultimate goal. Everything that has ever existed in your dimension is equally important and has served the most important of purposes from the very beginning. You had to experience the most basic of moments after this dimension was created in order to even know how to experience matter. Every cell in your body is brilliant and knows everything in the universe. Each tiny bug also is a genius by your standards. If you look around you, there is a massive symphony of perfection operating to keep this dimension running in order for your split energy to exist and function and learn for the benefit of every single atom in the universe and beyond.  Reality is that you are no smarter and no greater than a common mushroom. It grows and reproduces just as you do. It knows which environments are friendly, develops defenses to survive and has many different splits of its own. A mushroom is a fantastic mathematic wonder on every level, and if you could unlock its secrets today, you would know wonders greater than any of man’s inventions to date.

But still, we do have instinct for survival, and you have fought to label and change these instincts to suit what is only an attempt to avoid the raising of your vibration. Have you ever felt a nagging memory that you couldn’t just put a finger on? A feeling from long ago without face of body but pure feeling of thought? These are moments of remembering that try to come through, but many times you resist them and call them unwanted conditions and subdue them with medicine.  You have convinced yourselves that you should never feel uneasy or anxious, and if you do, then you are defective. The dimension is all here for you to experience the parts of the whole and to freely move toward the next levels.  You must always know that this dimension is about knowing perspective. It is to know that you are by knowing a here and there. You know happy from sad and bravery from fear. You know hate from love and joy from grief. When you eliminate any one of these things, then the other you will not know. A person who is prevented from expressing hate will not ever accept love or express it. Wearing a chemical smile will always be no more than a mask. Feeling is not a defect.


So you and your twin energy want to know about your family that has come here with you and returned back in this life. I will visit this briefly as there is much that you are not able to understand. Your grandmother was a soul who was, by comparison, an advanced energy who had found the true direction in this life and found herself quickly moved forward to a place that was difficult for her to exist in. For her, this was because she had given up a significant part of her own energy to bring you and the twin into this world with your refusal to split. The only way for you to stay here and exist with this imbalance, created by the refusal to fully split, was for her, as a mother no less, to give her energy to you to balance you out as she knew that you would be here to be a conduit in your future.  Now, by making this sacrifice, she launched herself ahead in a world that wasn’t hospitable to this balance, brought on so quickly by such a bold sacrifice, and she weakened from that point on until her body gave out. You see the sudden influx of energy and vibration rise in the period of stigmata she experienced toward the end of her life. She was originally the one who agreed to be the receiver of this information, but the time wasn’t right for it then and so it passed to you. She was really too balanced for this task and instinctually knew that she could not do it.

Your grandmother had not had other incarnations with you as family before this one. In fact, she had been a leper prior to this life and had died what was a critical death. In that life she had volunteered to take care of a sick colony of people and became sick herself. This energy, as intense as it was, followed her into this life where the imbalance it originally brought with it was quickly balanced enough to allow her to assimilate, but she could never let go of the need to take on the burden of many others and physically she died young.

Why were you so close to her??? Because of the aforementioned maternal harmonic vibrations that remained so fine-tuned from her to your mother, who is actually more a twin to you, and thus you both shared that same need to continue to feel that harmony until her death. In many ways, it infused what is, and has been for many reasons, an imbalanced system with balance in order for survival. After she died, you will remember that your twin energies veered off uncharacteristically in many odd directions due to the sudden lack of this harmony which was not replaceable from mother to son, as it usually is, because you are not so much mother and son as stubborn twins. In fact, you are the only two in the family with a history of past incarnations, all past incarnations, amongst a group who do share a past history with the exception of the two of you. Your grandmother was a volunteer to bring you into this dimension as an unbalanced conduit due to her heightened energy, which naturally led to other children, but her main purpose was to balance out the imbalance required to receive sudden influx of balanced energy. The rest of your family has a varied and long history that doesn’t really include you, and I therefore will not relate the reasons for their early passing and experience as they have virtually nothing to do with you two. That is all I am going to relate on this topic of past incarnations for now.


As I have told you, your dimension is unique and has developed in ways that were possible and at the same time unexpected. It is the wonder of your world put forth as the ultimate filter of what was only known when it finally was. However, it is temporary and will one day be replaced by another whose existence will be unique in its own and the reality of which will only be known when you experience it. Mothers, fathers, children, rocks, and wealth only exist here in your dimension. Language and emotions will be gone forever as well. You only understand your world because you are experiencing it at the present. When you leave the material body, you don’t wake up in another dimension as the person you are now but as an energy who has occupied many forms. You don’t even wake up at the same split of energy, but the entirety of energy with possible consciousness that will be split differently in times ahead. You are not an individual but the whole. When you help a despised man, you are helping yourself. When you save a tiny beetle, you are saving yourself. If you want to be the greatest you can be, then you give up everything you have for the benefit of everything else without fear of such separation. But the world of matter only allows you to experience and learn via matter interaction through actions.


When this incarnation ends for you, and you sit in review before reentering the whole, you will see your life from pure perspective and many will be shocked when confronted with their choices that will seem so obvious to you. Property, wealth, beauty and such qualities of a material world will be realized as worthless insomuch as they exist, and the real value will be seen in how your reactions shaped your path toward the whole. A wealthy man will feel that he no more than sat in fear in a thickly-walled cave guarding a pile of rocks from his fellow.  Had he given these rocks freely back to Earth for its completeness and the experience of all other energies, he would have, in that moment of review, experienced riches beyond what is imaginable in your dimension.

(February 27, 2009 – 10 days following death of my Yuki who I had to have put down due to advanced cancer. Yuki appeared to my friend, Tammy, while I was sleeping on the sofa in my living room. Tammy assumed it was my other dog, Yahtsi (Yuki’s niece), who was at my mother’s house.  I had been very depressed since Yuki’s passing. I had stayed with Yuki and held her as she took her last breath looking up to me.)


Was it wisdom or simply rain that day when your little one came back to you?  You never doubted that it happened, as you found yourself perfectly and beautifully balanced at that moment. It is the only way to see that place—to be there, vibrations exact and born out of a real moment when all selfish things are truly gone. In the still of the night you could feel it--what it means to step aside in lieu of another that you so deeply loved.  Humans rarely reach for those times, having long ago forgotten them possible, but when it happens, your whole being is shocked into and out of a place that you lived permanently in other lives. You felt sore and tired and beautifully and perfectly sad for a loss that you suffer so she didn’t. 

How does a person get to the place where everything is balanced and time has no place and the mind sees everything forever?   Why do so few get there? It’s because--as you have rediscovered—it’s hard. It is the hardest thing for a human to do, but it is exactly why you are here. You must walk through every fear and every unknown—through self images and lack of respect. You must feel every high and every low and know them for their futility and for their glory, but you and only you must know them, and it isn’t found or confronted through talk or in numbers--but only in the moments when no one is looking at you.

You still cry for her, your little beautiful girl—the loss ripped out the place where love lives for you, and now you walk around in grief almost always because it’s the only thing holding back the tears. You can pretend to everyone else, but it’s there. You hurt inside because you’re empty, and only when she came to you did it ever feel okay. You long for that moment like a drug because in your helping her to cross you found perfection, and then it escaped, and you hurt. 

She was a soul who knew you a long time—a guardian come down to spare your life and see you to this place. They all were. You were not here to protect them but the opposite—they were here to watch over you. They are angels, your angels, manifested here to protect in a form they struggle to keep as this is not where they are made to reside. They sicken quickly for that reason and go quickly. The Shar-Pei are special ones. Not really dogs at all but incarnations of deities all marked by the purple tongues throughout your history.   The final two are here simply to be a connection to the others to use if needed but are very young entities in their first few incarnations before the human stages.

Would it surprise you to know that she went against all balance when she came back as she was deep into grief like you, only even more unfamiliar with human emotions like you know them. She was a very different sort, as you knew, because she had never been on your plane before this time. But when she passed, she felt it sharply and with what you might call worry she went back and stayed with you and sat with you when you slept, and you could smell her in the room and once heard her crying also.  She still is sad even over here, sad to be gone and sad in your grief.  This wasn’t expected as usually this sort of crossover doesn’t occur readily.  The End

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