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This page contains information received through the technique of automatic writing. Automatic writing or psychography is writing which the writer states to be produced from a subconscious and/or spiritual source without conscious awareness of the content. When we talk about automatic writing, we are talking about channeling. We are allowing information to come through our hand from the other side or from our own higher self. Although there may be no way to prove whether or not automatic writing is real, you will come to your own conclusions. I have been asked not to divulge the identity of the person who received the messages contained on this page. This person will hereinafter be called The Channeler; the spiritual entity shall be called The Spirit. We do not endorse nor dispute any of the information contained in this manuscript.


(An amazing case of automatic writing.)

Introduction by The Channeler

I can only tell you what I know about my amazing experiences with automatic writing which began in the spring of 2007. I was an aspiring writer who lived alone with my two dogs in a small town New England. I lived a quiet life, having spent the prior five years writing two different books and exploring the possibilities of getting them published. It is my nature to work obsessively on whatever project I embark upon. I wrote constantly. I rewrote, edited and then wrote some more. I have never considered myself overly spiritual or psychic in any great way and am not, or ever have been, into new-age writing and do not have highly-evolved friends in my life. Most of my years on this planet have been spent building a foundation of bad judgments and questionable decisions in my life. Seven years ago I finally got sober for the last time and went about the difficult task of living life without booze and drugs. I am not a churchgoer, do not attend AA meetings and do not, to my knowledge, have an intimate relationship with any higher power or a consciousness that has ever been anything to brag about. So no one is more shocked and skeptical than I am about what happened that early morning in March of 2007.

I was sitting on my sofa watching a mindless DVD right before 3 a.m. and didn’t feel anything unusual. One of my dogs lay sprawled out on the floor snoring loudly as she does every night. There was no heightened awareness or prowling premonition of any grand event unfolding. I didn’t feel anything except the urge to open up the word processing program on my new Dell laptop computer as was customary numerous times every day when plagued by boredom or a sudden onslaught of feeling to write something down. I felt no more inspired than on any previous occasion when I would clear my mind and start hitting the keys with my fingers.

Except that morning something was, in fact, different. It is difficult to explain. I wasn’t in any type of trance or altered state of mind and can remember it clearly. This particular time I was focused on typing out words -- just words spelled out with a thoughtless concentration--without consideration to what the words might have meant. After about an hour I went blank, back to where I had started when I had cleared my mind and begun to type. Except, as I looked down and began to read the words on the page, the incongruity of what I was reading was undeniable. Something fascinating had made its way onto the page.

It wouldn’t be until some days later that I would learn, via numerous repetitions of these episodes, what was happening. The facts were indisputable and shook my pride, my self-confidence and my beliefs to their core. What was printed on the paper was a tale of sorts about the nature of our world. Believe me when I tell you that this was not a welcome event for me. I struggled with a real fear that I might be losing my grip on reality and tried to explain it as some sleep-deprived ranting and an over-imaginative mind. It has taken five years to overcome my reluctance to claim any part of this phenomenon, and I continue to have feelings of foolishness as I write this. But I cannot continue to pretend it never happened; as hard as I have tried to fight it off, it just won’t go away.

I can’t tell you exactly what it is all about except to say that there is real information that came through me at different times. It is its own voice, and I am the stenographer of sorts. The entity has never identified itself or represented itself as some past warrior spirit returning to save the world. However, there is a reference to some sort of cosmic fellowship between us -- as teachers and “brothers to countless souls” -- a connection I am, by the way, totally clueless about. Ultimately, it is for you to read, interpret, evaluate and decide for yourself what the words in this book mean.

So, am I crazy? I don’t believe so, but in the end it is not for me to decide the validity of it all for you. I don’t even understand a lot of what the entity endeavors to explain myself. I have been told that the text will exist “on its own” and I am only to relay the contents without judgment. I didn’t write this book, at least not consciously. These are not my opinions, and I have no great desire to claim some of them anyway. I am well aware how politically incorrect some of these pronouncements will be viewed by many in today’s world, including me. But, like a person knocking on your door until you relent and open it, so too have I been hearing this knocking now since those early-morning hours all those months ago. Eventually, you give in and open the door. I seem to be given a break currently, and for now the knocking and the words have stopped. Maybe it is for good, or maybe not, but for now all is silent. Read on and decide for yourself.

March 12, 20072:52 a.m.

(The following is automatic writing as dictated by an unknown entity, complete and unabridged.)

SPIRIT: Hello there. It has been a long time since we have seen one another. You are well. And so am I. Much is going on in this world—the seen and unseen coexist as a unified energy from which everything is created. You may see it as time and events contrasted to the unknowable; however, it is all the same on your side and ON MINE.


YOU WANT TO ASK QUESTIONS OF ME about the afterworld as if it is separate, and I say it is not. What you think is realized instantaneously as your view of time and future is not real in the sense that you try and understand it. Life has always been alive and always will be. You have no end, and death is but the end of a dream in its finality. You and I travel a circle of atoning that never ceases, and we jump on and off of the Ferris wheel periodically into worlds, flesh, and other places of learning and existence and do it all at once without the burdens of your comprehension which divides using time and location. As you sit there typing, you also sit beyond in many worlds and advance by many MEANS. YOU TEACH AS I DO--A BROTHER TO COUNTLESS souls in many lands. To say that the goal is to grow to God is not real as it indicates that you are different or separated from him. We are all Him. Everything is the known. You understand everything inside but agree to leave it all for a time as a way of digesting and reabsorbing it all more deeply. We do this to keep the flow as we are all a part of a whole that can’t be without every part. We don’t choose, we just move. It all started with the knowledge that we were, and when we knew we were, we knew that we could be, and to be meant existing, and then we knew there from here.


Think for a moment of this moment--it is gone but still it is now. There is no past or future as you think. It is always now and always will be. Life, as it is defined, is an endless stream of thought that is unending marked only by attempts at stopping its flow with false landmarks we call memories. But it is only right now and always will be. You are the greatest of men and the most despicable of them all in one mind expressing it as individuals but reacting TO EACH OTHER. A HITLER DOESN’T EXIST ALONE NOR DOES A SAINT. HE IS A RESULT OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF HIS PARTS, AND SO ARE YOU. YOU ARE ALL CAPABLE OF EVERYTHING THAT HAS EVER BEEN DONE OR CONTEMPLATED--ABLE TO BE BENT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER IN THE MOMENT—NOW. YOU THINK YOU ARE ABOVE SOME AND BELOW OTHERS, BUT YOU ARE ALL THE SAME LINE OF THOUGHT—A MIND THAT BATTLES WITH ITSELF FOR DOMINANCE AND YOUR HISTORY BUT A VISION OF THE WORKINGS OF A TOTAL MIND. YOU ARE NOT REAL, MOST LIKELY THE LEAST REAL FORM THERE IS, EXISTING IN AN ETERNAL COMALIKE STATE OF DREAM AND PONTIFICATIONS OF THE BRAIN LIVING ON LEVELS WELL BELOW THAT OF EVEN SOME COMMON FORM OF MAMMALS YOU LABEL INFERIOR. But we continue the wheel around and around because it keeps the whole dynamic alive--no good or bad or wrong or joy or sorrow but just the eternal whole.

So your questions, in reality, are not real and you want verification of time and space that doesn’t really exist, but of course I understand THE LEVEL FROM WHICH THESE QUESTIONS ARE ASKED, AND SO TO MY BEST ABILITY I WILL TRY AND SATISFY YOUR MIND.


The Earth came into being in your time many years ago with the movement of mind from one place to another in perspective giving reference of existing. That is when the whole knew to look, but it was always there and never there at the same time. Yes, it is an illusion but has a series of points from which perspective has been cast and so for this time I will explain.

Earth is a gateway for the whole to split apart like the holes of a sieve to gain energy and rejoin in a second together to move around until we split again. The night sky is only a faint view of splits and these consciousness gates from where we have been and not yet going. Like a giant game of cards, we play our hands to reach the furthest lights. Some so far away we don’t see them until death, and others only need to remain for other lives to gain the correct momentum. It is a large trial and error so massive and full of choice that we gamble every moment of our time here and negotiate the reason for being. To know the truth would cause a giant push of all minds to the far reaches in an instant leaving this world nonexistent as we know it. What you call “the bang” was the reverse of a complete mind suddenly split through the sieve into separation starting with every quark and proton huddling with familiarity to form atoms and then cells, elements, gasses, and in memories bonding in ways we knew inherently to create a whole. We have only scratched a surface here and to this day have only the most elemental of success in bringing our memories into this plane.


So the question that is asked is about the state of the planet in your dimension or more accurately the vibration of thought on the plane of which you ask. The only part of what you understand that is correct is that it goes through changes and will continue to do so. The Earth is simply a manifestation of your collective thoughts in a moment, and it is the consciousness of the whole that governs the changes. To ask this question on this most basic of levels is difficult to answer as the question barely touches the real. I’ll explain.

The Earth is a perfect balance of all its parts right down to the individual sands that provides an arena for life to exist and coexist. Picture an endless line of overlapping circles that continues in an endless spiral. These are the infinite stages of the moment where you exist with any and all possible moments acting as one. Your questions are asked from a microcosm, one part of an infinite number of stages, so you ask me about one possible stage of the Earth and to ask about any other state of the plane is equally valid. Any answer I give you is correct and to wonder if your life will end with the Earth wrongly assumes that an end or a beginning actually exists. Every thought is eternal and history; your history which you deem so important, is only real for you at this moment only in memory that you find necessary to give yourself landmarks to make sense of life. Your physical actions will not destroy the planet. It couldn’t affect it on this level anyway. You would only as a collective shape an environment for your reality to reflect the state of the consciousness. If the parts are in distress, then the Earth will reflect that as well. Harmony of the parts is harmony of the whole. The Earth can reset itself and therefore reset mankind with it. To worry about such a thing is to ask from the most unreal levels. Ask how each one of you is playing a part in the consciousness and what is there you are up against and can’t traverse. Movement ahead is the motion, and the people of your world are slowing down now--surrendering to a complicated part of the mind as if to satisfy a need for adventure. We see ourselves in our other worlds in dreams, but we label them not real. They are but a few of endless moments all taking place now as there is no other state but now. To move ahead in harmony is to continue smooth momentum until the time for you as a part leaves to rejoin the whole around the cycle until you return.

Mankind, as you know it, is strapped in the material world and holds on to that which can be held and coveted for personal gain. When society is of this mind, that which is coveted is of the material and thus depletes your dimension of the physical in order for you to feel more secure. As your mind and body grab hold and suffer, so does the planet. To think that to fix this problem will come from words and small actions by people already satiated with comforts is false, as in order to uplift the condition of Earth, you must uplift the condition of the whole consciousness first. Man will always be looking over his shoulder to catch another taking what he has given up. Is this real consciousness being uplifted? No it is not, for action forced by fear will never truly make any changes. Fear drives reality underground to exist in a protected place justified by man. There it is left to foster itself and grow unabated until, as today, you are struggling with the basic decision of living or dying. Is it worth easing the grasp in order to have continued life in your plane? Do you really believe in the spirit when terror governs a visit there? Has man been reduced to a place of really not having any connection to his identity, living blind in a futile existence? The answer is yes he has. The entire planet is anchored in survival and not movement. If you knew how much a selfless act would catapult you, then there would be no debate. That is a basis for why you exist there. It is not for the specific advancement of the individual, not at all, there is no such thing. It is for the advancement of the whole strengthened by its parts—as a tune-up for your transport. That is why you cycle through the Earth over and over again to purge the attachments to self and to refine the care of the whole. This may be the most difficult understanding there is: that who you are and who your friends are is only a theater. There is no differentiation in my world between you and me. You wonder who I am, or if it is you talking to yourself? The answer is yes to both.

(more chapters to follow weekly)

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